Seeing Beyond the Surface

Expert surveillance to uncover truth with precision.

Surveillance forms the cornerstone of our industry, and EIG excels in this domain. Capturing video evidence of a claimant’s genuine activities stands as the most effective means of countering an exaggerated claim. Unfortunately, many insurance claims investigators offer this service without possessing the necessary skills, training, and expertise to obtain crucial footage when it matters most. This is where Endurance distinguishes itself.

Our insurance clientele recognizes that, unlike numerous other private investigators, meticulous planning is the primary driver of our success. Without a comprehensive grasp of the claim and the claimant, coupled with a meticulously crafted surveillance strategy, the chances of procuring comprehensive evidence of the claimant’s activities are minimal. Otherwise, surveillance merely devolves into a random exploration.

Another often-neglected aspect vital for successful surveillance, which sets us apart from our competitors, is our commitment to extending surveillance beyond what can be observed from within a vehicle. All our operatives are equipped with cutting-edge long-range and concealed video cameras. In certain situations, we employ specialized techniques to extend our surveillance efforts, ensuring comprehensive coverage of subjects’ activities within their workplaces, remote rural areas, shopping malls, and nearly every other place they may frequent.

Finally, our surveillance investigators bring more to the table than just skills, training, and experience in conducting surveillance. They are also well-versed in courtroom testimony and deposition proceedings. This training equips them to present their evidence and procedures with confidence, free from the pressure that opposing counsel may attempt to exert.

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