Nicole Kelly

Special Projects Advisor
Nicole, a vital co-owner at Endurance Investigative Group, seamlessly blends a robust medical background with an unwavering commitment to investigative pursuits.

Graduating from Manhattanville College with a bachelor’s degree in biology and achieving a master’s degree in physician assistant studies from Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital PA Program, Nicole possesses over a decade of healthcare experience. This tenure equipped her not only with the expertise to navigate insurance claims and decipher intricate medical records but also a profound understanding of medical language, offering a unique advantage in the investigative landscape.

Nicole’s transition to investigations fuses her medical acumen with a sharp eye for detail, enabling her to scrutinize evidence and identify subtle patterns crucial to solving complex cases. Her clinical approach to cases allows her to uncover truths that might elude others, leveraging her background to interpret medical nuances within investigations.

Her strategic insight and meticulous attention to detail underscore her role as a dedicated co-owner, committed to unraveling mysteries and delivering comprehensive results. This holistic approach, drawing from her medical foundation, ensures clients receive not just expertise but a deeply informed perspective in their pursuit of truth and resolution.