Jessica Knuth

Chief Relations Officer
Jessica is the co-owner and a valuable member of the leadership team at Endurance Investigative Group. With a diverse background and a passion for problem-solving, Jessica brings a unique perspective to our firm.

Jessica is a native New Yorker whose journey began with a Bachelor’s degree from George Washington University, followed by a Master’s degree from Pace University, both of which have equipped her with a solid foundation in analytical thinking and research. She honed her skills in the corporate world, where she worked in customer relations and served as an economist for a prestigious hedge fund. Her experience in these roles demonstrates her ability to understand complex financial systems and navigate intricate details, a skill that is invaluable in the world of investigation.

Jessica’s transition to Endurance Investigative Group signifies her commitment to applying her diverse skill set to the realm of investigations. Her ability to approach problems from different angles and her dedication to learning and adapting make her a valuable asset as we strive to provide exceptional investigative services to our clients.

Jessica’s presence at Endurance Investigative Group underscores our commitment to diversity and innovation, ensuring that our clients benefit from a wide range of expertise and perspectives in their quest for truth and justice.